Thursday, May 3, 2018

Attention" martial law survivors/claimants

The masthead of the Facebook page of the Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB) states: “Tilting back the scales of justice, acknowledging the wrongs and healing the wounds of martial law.”
Nine days from now, on May 12, the HRVCB will close shop, ending its work of four years that began in May 2014. HRVCB was created through Republic Act No. 10368 that President Benigno Aquino III signed on Feb. 25, 2013 (the 27th anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolution that toppled the Marcos dictatorship) in front of the People Power Monument and in the presence of martial law victims/survivors.
Here is a last minute reminder from HRVCB on how and what the approved claimants (and those claimants who had already collected a portion of their claim) should prepare in order for them to collect the total amount. Those who have access to the HRVCB’s Facebook page can also read the Filipino version of the reminder there.

HRVCB Notice No. 10: Guidelines for the opening of savings account at Landbank for eligible human rights violation victims/claimants in preparation for the payment of the full monetary reparation. All eligible claimants are advised to open a personal savings account at a Landbank branch nearest to them. Eligible claimants are those whose claims have been approved and awarded with corresponding point/s.

Eligible claimants are requested to transmit/send their Landbank Savings Transaction Information (STI) to the HRVCB as soon as possible.
1) Eligible claimants can e-mail their STI to
2) They can also send their STI via private courier service to E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City 1101.
The HRVCB prefers the opening of a personal savings account in lieu of cash cards as the maximum amount which can be deposited (per month) in a cash card is limited to only P100,000. Since there is no limit to the amount which can be deposited in a personal savings account, the opening of the same will facilitate the payment of reparations especially for those who will be receiving more than P100,000.
For details, you may call the HRVCB hotline numbers: (02)373-4847 and 0999-5059737. Further notices and updates will be posted on the  HRVCB’s website/Facebook page.
HRVCB Division 3 is calling on approved claimants without or with wrong contact information to get in touch with the office regarding documents needed to accelerate the processing of their claim.
The phone numbers of the HRVCB Division 3 are: 0945-8197484 (Globe/TM) and 0912-5781369 (Smart/TNT). Claimants can also contact the HRVCB through Facebook:

There are questions about the STI, why the need to send it, what about those who live in remote areas, etc.
With all the fraud, hoaxes and scams around, the STI will ensure that compensation goes to the real claimants and not to anyone else. The STI sent to the HRVCB secretariat helps protect the claimants’ monetary compensation.
It is not enough for a claimant to e-mail or present to the HRVCB a Landbank account number in her/his name. The claimant has to get an STI from Landbank, signed by a bank official, which would show that there is indeed such an account with such a name.
The claimant should then e-mail a scanned copy to the HRVCB. It can also be sent by mail or courier, or delivered personally. No scanner? Use your cell phone’s camera. For extra protection of the compensation, I suggest that the claimant include a signed photocopy of an ID or the HRVCB-issued docket slip just to make sure. Do all these unobtrusively. The process may be tedious and time consuming but better safe than sorry.
Who knows, a scheming relative, neighbor or acquaintance might open a fake account in a claimant’s name, send the STI to the HRVCB and end up receiving the money in that fake account. You never know.
The distribution process is different from the one for the Hawaii class suit victims/claimants who received checks issued in front of them.
I will go into numbers and computations next time.#